Online Collection Manual
Details: 24 HR ABP MONITOR
Database ID1119
Against current SCM:N
Data of Last Review & Initials:
Test Name:24 hr ABP monitor
VDU code:BPM
Department:Data Entry
Specimen Description:ABP Monitor kit
Specimen Container:
Collection Method:WI-COLL-55
Min Volume:
TAT / Reporting time:24 - 48 hrs
Frequency of testing:Monday to Friday
Special Instructions:See WI-COLL-55 and FRM-COLL-99
Out of pocket expense:$100.00
Additional information:Done at specific sites only by phone appointment. See Specialised Test Location spread sheet for locations.
Billing Requirements (if applicable):
Pseudonyms:Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, ABMP, BPM,24hr ABPM, Blood Pressure monitoring
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