Online Collection Manual
Details: 6TG + 6MMP
Database ID188
Against current SCM:c
Data of Last Review & Initials:08.04.16 SM
Test Name:6TG + 6MMP
VDU code:RT
Department:REFERRED TEST (0893170807)
Specimen Description:Whole blood
Specimen Container:1 x EDTA - dedicated tube required
Collection Method:
Min Volume:4mL
TAT / Reporting time:2 weeks
Frequency of testing:Fortnightly
Special Instructions:Needs full blood count result before being referred.
Out of pocket expense:$55.00
Additional information:This test if referred to and performed at Prince of Wales - SEALS.
Billing Requirements (if applicable):non- commercial clients
Pseudonyms:Thioguanine mercapturate, Thioguanine metabolites , thiopurine metabolites, AZATHIOPRINE METABOLICS, 6mp
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