Employee Health

Drugs of Abuse Screening

Western Diagnostic Pathology is the leading provider of drug and alcohol testing programs in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Please visit us at http://www.saferworkplace.com.au.

With our laboratories adhering to rigorous quality standards, Western Diagnostic Pathology assures accurate, legally defensible AS4308 and AS4760 accredited results in a timely manner. 

You not only benefit from state-of-the-art and scientifically proven analysis but also unparalleled access to a highly qualified technical team of pathologists, scientists, and recognised expert witnesses. Partnering with Western Diagnostic Pathology allows you to incorporate the industry's best practices into your drug and alcohol testing program.

Through Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, employers have a responsibility to provide a healthy and safe working environment and to identify and manage hazards in the workplace. As part of this responsibility, the practice of detection and management of the risks associated with misuse of drugs and alcohol amongst employees and contractors is increasing in Australian workplaces.

We are able to help you design, implement and manage your drug and alcohol programs and can offer you multiple service and product solutions including:

To customise your drug screening program today, call 0407 682 522  or email us here.